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Trump resort in Ireland gets approval for sea walls

Trump resort in Ireland gets approval for sea walls

Ireland’s authorities gave the green light for Donald Trump’s Doonbeg golf links in Co Clare with man-made dunes to keep back Atlantic storms. At last, the US President got his wall but not in Mexico.

The billionaire and president Donald Trump’s resort in Ireland will be protected by two sea walls, a reduced version of an earlier plan but one that still generated opposition from environmentalists. The idea of sea walls wasn’t welcomed warmly by the local environmentalists but the resort’s new plan was supported by some local residents. The latter said they hoped that Mr Trump would follow up on plans to invest millions in the property, Ireland needs fresh investments, and the billionaire paid £11.6 million for Doonbeg and vowed to invest up to 45 million euro.

Records show that Mr Trump paid 8.7 million euros for the resort at an auction in 2014. It had originally opened in 2002, having cost €28 million to build.  Trump Hotels said it estimated that 15-20m of dune face at the edge of the golf course has been eroded since 2002.

Irish environmentalists about Trump’s resort

Environmentalists said the new coastal walls would damage a popular public beach and vulnerable dunes and heath. Some residents also objected, saying the walls would alter tidal flows and divert storm surges into their own properties.

The work will involve putting in sea defences to protect the first, ninth and 18th holes of the course covering about 600m at the south end of Doughmore Bay and 250m at the north end.

The aim is to create a sea defence that will stem erosion where severe winter storms have wiped out metres of beach and dune in recent years.

Clare County Council said the decision can be appealed within four weeks.