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Trump’s first UN speech met with wave of criticism

Trump’s first UN speech met with wave of criticism

President Donald Trump used his first address to the UN General Assembly to tell the world that America’s position is still strong. On September 19, Trump in his address saw national sovereignty as the cornerstone of the international system. Despite all these loud words, the speech was criticised by many world leaders.

Mr Trump in his speech he 72nd session of the United Nations General Assembly told his audience that he will always put America’s interests first. But then he outlined how his brand of chin-jutting nationalism need not preclude the forming of useful coalitions, as strong, responsible and proudly sovereign countries work together to isolate rogue regimes like North Korea or Iran, in the name of self-defence.

Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom (Sweden) concluded that Mr Trump used this speech at the wrong time, to the wrong audience. The General Assembly used to hear more well-balanced addressed from the world leaders.

While Melani Trump was hearing her husband indifferently, John Kelly apparently went through some sort of existential crisis during Trump’s UN speech.

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Donald Trump about the United Nations: then and now

In 2016, being a nominee, Donald Trump called the UN a corrupt, useless club for globalist elites that did not deserve to be bankrolled by hard-working Americans.

On September 19, 2017, the US President Trump noted that the UN costs a lot, but thanked its leadership for embarking on cost-saving reforms. He also added that if the body helped to bring about world peace, “this investment would easily be well worth it.” He is a businessman rather than a man of politics, noted his counterparts.

John Kelly was impressed with an address of the US President on Sep 19, undoubtedly. According to Mr Kelly, he had never been spoken to in such a way during 35 years in the military.