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Turkey ready to mediate Russia-Ukraine tension with consent of sides

Turkey ready to mediate Russia-Ukraine tension with consent of sides

Turkey’s President believes that his country is ready to provide support in any format desired to end the Russia-Ukraine tension, AA reports.

As Turkish president said on Wednesday, Ankara is ‘ready to give best support to establish channel of dialogue’. Commenting on the current situation, President Erdogan has expressed a hope that “the tension does not increase further and the stability in the region is preserved.”

In his efforts to keep the region calm and prospective, the Turkish leader said Ankara is ready to give the best support to establish a channel of dialogue.

“With the consent of both sides, we can offer support in facilitation, mediation, or any other desired format. Of course, we will do our part without hesitation for the peace of the region,” Erdogan added.

The tensions over Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014 have been exacerbated by Russian-backed separatists in the eastern border region of Donbass, along with a Russian military build-up decried by the West. Last week, Ukraine’s defence minister Oleksiy Reznikov suggested that Kremlin could trigger a large-scale escalation in January next year.

Following that, Washington promised to react with the “strong” economic measures against Russia in case of escalation of military aggression against Kiev.