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U.S. and Venezuela: new talks amid worsening crisis

U.S. and Venezuela: new talks amid worsening crisis

The U.S. diplomat Tom Shannon visited Venezuela this week to bring some positive movements into the crisis situation. Venezuelan senior opposition and government figures started new talks amid an economic crisis.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez have strong intentions to make a dialog. Despite a harsh exchange of thoughts at a summit in the Dominican Republic, senior diplomats agreed to renew talks process. The situation in Venezuela is getting worse day by day, that’s why U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby notes the main purpose of discussions between US and Venezuela.

Senior diplomats should talk constructively about the social, economic and political challenges in Venezuela, they must find a way to help foster meaningful dialogue toward solutions. Despite tumultuous relations with Washington, Venezuelan government will have to make an important decision, which could bring some relief to the people of Venezuela right now.

According to opposition sources,Mr. Shannon spent in the region less than 24 hours, but his visit was constructive and useful. He was to meet first with opposition leaders, among them were congress leader Henry Ramos and Henrique Capriles.