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Uber and Volvo to create self-driving car

Uber and Volvo to create self-driving car

Uber and Volvo are partners now in the project on the developing of self-driving car. Both companies are ready to invest $300m in this perspective project, which can be extremely interesting as a long-term partnership between the US ride-booking app and the Swedish premium automaker.

The two powerful corporations, Uber and Volvo, intend to invest $300m into the joint project on the creation of self-driving car. Swedish and American businesses will jointly develop an innovative vehicle that will serve as i) a self-driving taxi for Uber, and ii) an autonomous car with a driver for Volvo.

Uber decided to pick Volvo as its partner is a coup for the Swedish carmaker best known for its focus on safety. In its turn, Volvo is pleased with the Uber’s offer to support the creation of an absolutely safe self-driving automobile. As noted in his statement Hakan Samuelsson, Volvo CEO:

“We see this as the first step in a long-term industrial partnership.”

Uber, at last, found the loyal and solid partner, in fact, over six months taxi-service was looking for it. Travis Kalanick is happy with a new partnership, he believes that Volvo is the best brand in class when it comes to safety.