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UK: Earthquake shakes Surrey for third time in 8 days

UK: Earthquake shakes Surrey for third time in 8 days

The south-east of England’s residents reported about the earthquake, the third in the area in less than two weeks Newdigate, Dorking, Horley and Charlwood, Surrey and from Crawley and Horsham, West Sussex were struck by an earthquake, BBC reported on Thursday.

Residents of Surrey and Sussex have said buildings and the ground were shaking for “just a few seconds” following a “tremor”, people even can clearly feel the place shake and everything on the tables were as well. The earth moved in the Crawley area but there are also reports across Surrey and Sussex.

The British Geological Society confirmed the reports, saying that there had been a 3.1-magnitude shake at 9.43am on Thursday, with residents reporting that it felt like there had been “two huge explosions”. Despite the shock, some people explained the earthquake with a humour. Tommy Aldis, from Crawley, tweeted: “It’s not an earthquake. It’s just football coming home.”

The BGS said that the similar shakes took place on Thursday 28 June (2.4) and Wednesday 27 June (2.6). Today’s earthquake is the third in eight days. This summer is very unusual for the United Kingdom, taking into account the heatwave and the earth tremor.

Passengers at Gatwick Airport also reported feeling tremors. Matt Temple tweeted: “Just felt an earthquake at Gatwick Airport – felt whole building move and a dull banging noise. (11:53am).”