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UK makes vaccines mandatory for all care workers

UK makes vaccines mandatory for all care workers

The UK health ministry said that the COVOD-19 vaccines become mandatory for all care home staff.

The Whitehall official has confirmed that the forced measure such as mandatory inoculation against the novel pathogen becomes a new reality for all England’s care workers. Moreover, the obligatory vaccination easily could be extended to all National Health Service (NHS) workers.

In its efforts to curb and control the epidemic, the UK government made respective moves that would save lives, The Guardian reports.. Taking into account, there is precedent with the hepatitis B vaccine guidance for doctors, the immunization is quite a reasonable move.

This week, the UK government had decided to require jabs for care home staff, while Boris Johnson backed extending the rule to all NHS workers, adding that the government would open a consultation Thursday on requiring vaccines as a condition of employment for NHS staff.

UK PM urges to accelerate the vaccination pace

However, according to the British Medical Association’s recommendations, any specific proposal for the compulsory requirement for all staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19 would raise new ethical and legal implications.

A consultation on mandatory vaccines for care workers recently concluded, with results to be made public “in due course,” a Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson stressed.

The plans follow worries about low vaccination rates for care home staffers in some parts of England, with rates below the recommended 80 percent in 65 local authority areas, the Times reported. Nationally, around 16 percent of care home staffers and 10 percent of all NHS workers have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus, despite both groups being offered priority for jabs.