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Unbelievable strategy from Marco Rubio in the race for the White House

While Donald Trump, which is leading the GOP field, has based his campaign on mega-rallies, barrages of tweets and television interviews, l, says The Washington Post. Is this a good strategy for Rubio, a rising star in the Presidential race?

Many Republican activists fancy Marco Rubio and they think that the young Cuban candidate is their party only chance to beat the Democratic nominee in the battle for the White House. But they also feel like Rubio isn’t dedicating enough time to this goal and they wonder why is that. Could it be a smart strategy or overconfidence? Because surely you must be crazy to not want to become the President of the United States.

Mr. Rubio seems to be making some strange moves

“Rubio has not put in the face time that he really needs to have, I don’t think. I think that’s been somewhat to his detriment.”, said Al Phillips, an influential South Carolina pastor who backs Rubio, according to the same source. And with Marco Rubio already “charming” some deep-pocketed donors, his little game with his supporters seems mighty strange.

The Washington Post says that he recently secured support from billionaire hedge fund managers Paul Singer and Kenneth Griffin and is close to ensure the endorsement of billionaire casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. With compelling biography, youth, charisma and intellect, Marco Rubio has all the right ingredients to be a great adversary for Donald Trump in the race for the Republican nomination, and unlike the businessman, Rubio can pass a debate without mocking Hispanics, Muslims or just any other minority.

Surely he wants to differentiate from the field and especially from Trump, but people  want to know the candidates on a one-on-one level, so avoiding them doesn’t seem like a brilliant strategy.

Other candidates are already considering the situation a joke

With most of his rallies established in Des Moines metropolitan area, Rubio has given other Republicans the possibility to joke around that he is running for “mayor of Ankeny,” the suburb where his state headquarters is located, says the same source.

“Is his campaign a little more superficial than that of other people in his bracket in New Hampshire? I think the answer is yes,” said former New Hampshire Republican Party chairman Fergus Cullen, who is neutral in the race. And even when he’s present, Marco Rubio generally answers no more than a handful of questions.

“The big question is, where is Marco Rubio? People have tried to get him to attend stuff, and he just hasn’t.”, claimed a top party official, quoted by The Washington Post.

Rubio was asked many times why isn’t he communicating more frequently with supporters, so no wonder that he got tired of hearing the same line over and over again. After a recent town hall in Muscatine, he told reporters “Well, I just spent two hours meeting people and working here, and we’re going to continue to do that. We love to be campaigning in Iowa.”