Today: Tuesday, 23 April 2024 year

Upgrade Program Results in Accelerated Sales for Year-Old iPhones

According to an article published just recently on CNET, Apple fans are getting closer and closer to owning year-old iPhone models without having to spend as much money.

With carriers slowly transitioning away from two-year contracts for customers, the iPhone resale market is experiencing a dramatic increase in revenue. The fact that the majority of Apple’s consumers prefer to snag the latest model whenever one is released is good news for those who don’t mind an older (and used) iPhone.

Sarah Welch, the chief marketing officer for Gazelle (a trade-in site), admits that the variation with how people can purchase or lease their phones has caused a rise in consumer’s phone upgrade trend.

iphone upgrade programApple is also reported to have unveiled the new iPhone Upgrade Program within the month so users have the option to switch to newer smartphone models.

This new shift towards faster upgrades can help Apple keep up with the demand of their upcoming models and result in higher sales revenue. The company is aware that maintaining interest within their smartphone consumers is important, considering that their iPhone line does make up two-thirds of their entire revenue.

The new upgrade trend is good news for people who want to own year-old models at a fraction of the actual buying cost. Trade-in sites like eBay and Gazzle will be the first to experience the dramatic increase in sales from Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program.