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US migrant caravan: Trump’s asylum ban halted by judge

US migrant caravan: Trump’s asylum ban halted by judge

The US District judge in San Francisco has haled Trump’s asylum ban, Jon Tigar issued the temporary restraining order after hearing arguments by activists in Tijuana.

Judge Tigar, in his ruling, explained that the current legislation made it clear that any foreigner arriving in the USA allowed applying for asylum. According to judge, foreigner’s port of arrival doesn’t matter while President Trump’s recent proclamation was an “extreme departure” from prior practice.

On Monday, several lawyers for the American Civil Liberties Union argued before Judge Jon Tigar that the White House’s new rule violates the Immigration and Nationality Act. Next Day, Jon Tigar issued his temporary restraining order. In fact, that means that people from migrant caravan could be able to apply for asylum, sooner or later if the American judicial system doesn’t change again.

“Whatever the scope of the president’s authority, he may not rewrite the immigration laws to impose a condition that Congress has expressly forbidden,” Judge Tigar said.

Jon Tigar added that the president had the power to “suspend the entry of all aliens” and to impose “any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate on them” if they were judged to be “detrimental” to US interests under the Immigration and Nationality Act. Meanwhile, about 3,000 members of the caravan have so far arrived in Tijuana, the Mexican city bordering the US. The city’s authorities expect numbers to reach 10,000 in the coming weeks, especially after the recent ggod news about the halting Trump’s asylum ban.