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Venezuela willing to extend diplomacy with Colombia

Venezuela willing to extend diplomacy with Colombia

President Nicolas Maduro expressed his willingness to restore diplomatic ties with Colombia. The Venezuelan leader has called to leave behind ideological and political extremisms and resume the normal international relations with the country neighbours.

Nicolas Maduro has offered an olive branch to Colombia, writing on his Twitter that the relations halted between the neighbours a year ago should and must be restored. It is no good to leave in isolation and to ignore the closest neighbouring nations, said Maduro.

“I reaffirm my willingness to restore consular relations with the Colombian government so that we have fluid and respectful communications, despite our differences,” Maduro tweeted Wednesday.

The socialist leader of Venezuela has called to leave behind ideological and political extremisms, saying that it is enough of “So Much Foolishness”.

Maduro’s offer to normalize the relations came a day after Bogota’s request for the extradition of fugitive lawmaker Aida Merlano from opposition leader Juan Guaido. Following the request, the Venezuelan legitimate president said he was amused Colombia’s President Ivan Duque asked Guaido for Merlano’s extradition.

“I laughed hard today. I am going to try to say this without laughing, because Ivan Duque’s government said it was going to ask Juan Guaido for this person’s extradition,” Maduro said. “It is truly ridiculous.”

Duque blamed Maduro for broken relations during 2019 crisis

Meanwhile, Ivan Duque blamed his Venezuelan counterpart, saying Maduro was the one who broke relations between the two nations.

“We must remember that it was Nicolas Maduro who broke diplomatic and political relations with Colombia in February last year and ordered the expulsion of Colombian diplomats, including consular personnel,” Duque wrote.

In 2019, during the political crisis, Maduro government cut ties with Colombia after Duque recognized US-backed Guaido as the legitimate ruler of Venezuela, following a step by many Latin American countries, the EU and US.

Over a year, Venezuela has been embroiled in political unrest as Maduro and Guaido engage in a power battle, while the national economy has been in precipitous decline following a global downturn in the price of crude oil.