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Victoria Beckham: why we see her so rarely without sunglasses

Victoria Beckham: why we see her so rarely without sunglasses

Victoria Beckham prefers to wear sunglasses while she goes outside, the celebrity has unveiled the surprising reason why she does so.

Vicky Beckham aka Posh Spice is a designer and the fashion expert, that’s why she loves to use accessories, and the sunglasses are her favourites.

“I think sunglasses are the final touch to a woman’s outfit. I wear sunglasses because like most mums, I am up all night with my children. They hide a multitude of sins,’

told Victoria about the wearing sunglasses so often.

The former Spice Girl visited Hong Kong where she has a fashion store, the 43-year-old also unveiled her thoughts about the managing the fashion empire. In particular, she said:

Someone once said to me that I don’t shout. I do shout, at home. But I have so much respect for the people I work with that I don’t.’

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Victoria about work and family

Victoria is a mother-of-four, the eldest son Brooklyn is 18 and he is running his own fashion career. Romeo (14) and Cruz (12) adore their mum and always ask her opinion, while the five-year-old daughter Harper last week was enlisted to the stage school.

Vicky is proud of her family:

‘My family are everything to me. I would do absolutely everything for them.’

While one of the parents is travelling, another is always at home with the children. According to Ms Beckham, she and David are very rarely both away. The daughter Harper is at that age now where she is very creative and loves to write the letters which are very sweet.

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