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Voice-ordering kiosks limit contact at cafes during epidemic

Voice-ordering kiosks limit contact at cafes during epidemic

The touch-free technologies become more popular among restaurants and cafes across the globe. A California company has also developed a voice assistant that can be added to restaurant kiosks to make them contactless, Springwise reports.

In 2020, we have seen an explosion in touchless tech and innovations. The food could be ordered by voice, and the use of such restaurant self-service kiosks is growing. In fact, the machines are designed not only for convenience but to help companies improve their branding. However, the quality of such contactless ideas and reliance on the touchscreen is still the question.

Amid coronacrisis, voice-ordering kiosks have turned a convenience into a drawback. People are reluctant to touch something that many others have touched before them.

To reduce any contacts, Sensory Inc., an artificial intelligence provider in Silicon Valley, is offering food retailers a voice assistant for kiosks that combines biometrics, computer vision and customer analytics. The idea is to serve the quick-service restaurant industry. The platform is capable of processing voice orders in mobile apps, kiosks and drive-thru scenarios.

As with existing systems, the kiosks use automatic speech recognition and natural language understanding to translate speech to text. However, they also collect biometric data on each customer and can analyze the customer’s voice data for demographic information and emotional state. This helps the AI to make personalised recommendations and upsell.

The AI helps cafes and restaurants amid COVID crisis

The AI assistant can also identify repeat customers and make suggestions based on their purchase history.

“We believe the next wave of interactive consumer experiences will be driven by companies that want to own and control their branded voice experience for use in specific contexts or domains.

These businesses may want to know more about their customer’s usage and not only understand what they are saying, but who they are and how their experience is going,” Todd Mozer, CEO at Sensory, noted in a press release.

While voice tech is not yet widely used in the restaurant industry, but the coronavirus pandemic is accelerating its implementation, and by allowing restaurants to add voice recognition to their existing kiosk systems, Sensory is already at the forefront of this shift.