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China’s Xi Jinping extends festive greetings to children

China’s Xi Jinping extends festive greetings to children

Chinese President Xi Jinping greets children across China ahead of International Children’s Day, which falls on June 1.

In his congratulatory letter to the Chinese Young Pioneers, President Xi called on them to learn the Party’s history and have firm faith to follow it from a young age, CGTN has learned.

The CYP members, who wrote to the Chinese leader on Sunday, are from a primary school named Xin’an, established by renowned Chinese educator Tao Xingzhi in 1929. The old traditions in China are keeping with care and respect.

The letter of the students is a short report for President Xi, children just listed their gains in learning the histories of their school and the CPC, and expressed their resolve in passing on the revolutionary traditions.

In October 1935, 14 students from the school formed a patriotic art troupe. For 17 years, the troupe travelled across China to spread the Communistic Party’s messages, contributing to the victories of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the War of Liberation.

China’s President Xi said the Xin’an troupe feared no hardships, used arts as “weapons” and rallied the public into fighting Japanese aggression and saving the nation, demonstrating their spirit of patriotism and striving.