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3 Florida men charged with aiding ISIS, FBI says

3 Florida men charged with aiding ISIS, FBI says

FBI charged three Florida men in the intention to join ISIS — on Friday, the trio was arrested at the Miami International Airport. Men were going to fly out to Syria to fight for Islamic State as militants. These details and explanations of an arrested men laid out in the reports of FBI. The case and filled complaint handed over to the federal court on Friday.

Three U.S. citizens from West Palm Beach charged in aiding the ISIS, FBI reports. These men were conspiring and attempting to provide material support to the ISIS, according to their explanations during the interrogation by the FBI officers after arresting at The Miami Airport. Potential ISIL militants were going to fly out to Syria to become real jihadists.

The arrest was made thanks to the FBI informant, who signaled about an attempt of flying out the three of IS-accomplices. The informant said that arrested people conducted combat training and praised terrorist attacks, according to the complaint.

Hubbard, one of the arrested, had the plan to enter Syria through the Turkey border, he bought a ticket Miami – Cologne, from where he was intended to cross the border into Turkey, then to Syria to join the jihadists. Another two men (Jackson and Christian) were arrested after checking in for their flights by the federal agents.