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Jennifer Lopez seems dating with Drake

Jennifer Lopez and Drake are the couple, decided people when both musicians have shared a joint romantic photo on their accounts. The 47yearold divorcee and 30yearold rapper look nice and organic on their shared pic.

Musicians Jennifer Lopez in love with the most popular rapper of the planet, Canadian Drake. After sharing the lovedup photo, the couple has seemingly confirmed that they are an item.

A lovely photo where Drake embraces JLo, exploded Instagram community. It is worth to note that this image appeared on both of their official Instagram pages, so the early hours of Wednesday morning were really astonishing for the followers of Drake and Jennifer.

Look of love: The 30-year-old rapper posted this Instagram shot with J.Lo earlier this month along with an arrow pointing to an emoji face with hearts for eyes captioned, 'Lotta those'

By the way, the couple didn’t explain anything, it seemed to be enough to reaffirm the tryst.

JLo looks restful and happy on the photo while Drake wrapping both arms affectionately around her neck with one eye staring down the lens of the camera.

Ah, yes! Rihanna got furious and unfollowed exlover account as well as JLo’s one.