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Angelina Jolie and kids are in therapy: ‘It’s been a traumatic situation’

Angelina Jolie and kids are in therapy: ‘It’s been a traumatic situation’

An exemplary mother Angelina Jolie holds her children in the siege. Since September 19, all the children live with their mother in a rented house, they do not go outside, because the journalists and press are waiting fat the gate. Angelina does not want children in contact with the media, so she keeps them at home. Father comes to kids but their meetings take place in the presence of the therapist. Angelina herself with six kids are in therapy too: ‘It’s been a traumatic situation.’ 

Angelina Jolie tells now how she cares about six kids, all of them are in therapy now. To live in the rented house with no normal life as earlier is a real stress for kids. They are not allowed to go outside because of press. During three weeks after the formal statement regarding the divorce of Brangelina, kids are sitting at the home. They are six, but they not too friendly to each other, say the friends of a Jolie-Pitt family.

According to the temporary plan recommended by DCFS, kids are staying with Angie until Oct. 20. Meanwhile, Pitt is getting visitation with a therapist present for the first meeting.

What kids do at home with her mother Jolie? They do nothing as usual: kids are watching movies and playing in the pool. Of course, they are used to more activities and more entertainment but at the current ‘traumatic’ situation, it is difficult for them to just stay at the house. Te 8-year-old kids don’t understand what’s going on at all, say the source.