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Angelina Jolie’s foundation to invest in rural construction in Cambodia

Angelina Jolie’s foundation to invest in rural construction in Cambodia

Angelina Jolie, an actress, director and the activist, has long ties with Cambodia, it is the homeland for her eldest son Maddox. The actress has another great plan for this country, Jolie’s foundation will invest into the construction in rural districts.

Angelina Jolie’s foundation bought the two-hectare plot from the Khmer Rouge commander, Yim Tith. In 2002, when the Jolie foundation bought this land in vicinities of Samlot village, Mr Tith was formally charged with genocide of Khmer Krom by the UN tribunal but not detained due to his co-operation with the trial.

The Cambodian plot of land, according to Angelina’s plans, should become the next door to the local base of her Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation in the remote Samlot village in the country’s west. The ex-wife of Brad Pitt is known her tight association with Cambodia, the native country for her adopted son Maddox.

Samlot’s village chief Kao Vuthy said that Jolie’s foundation activity highly appreciated because it can revive the normal life to this rural area.

Jolie’s movie about Cambodia

Angelina Jolie has premiered her new drama ‘First they killed my father’ about Pol Pot’s regime in Kampuchea, former name of Cambodia. As a film producer and director, Angelina hopes Cambodians will be proud of her film instead of feeling hatred or resentment for what the Kampuchea endured in the late 1970s.

In February, Jolie made her first official appearance since her split from Brad Pitt when she attended a premiere for her film in Cambodia. She was joined by all of her children at the event and after they were gifted with the personal audience at King’s Palace.