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Barack and Michelle Obama arrive in the British Virgin Islands

Barack and Michelle Obama arrive in the British Virgin Islands

Barack and Michelle Obama have some fun, the couple left the USA for holiday in the British Virgin Islands. On Monday, the most famous Americans arrived at Terrence B Lettsome International Airport on Richard Branson’s plane.

Barack and Michelle’s plane touched down after nightfall, Obamas’ quiet arrival was registered on the social media, indeed. The very important guests were met by the immigration officials and the local police commissioner.

It is a really hard work to be a leader for the United States for eight years, the political observers noted that Barack Obama is significantly aged during his presidency era. In contrary, Michelle stays young-looking and the elegant woman, what’s her secret? Yesterday Obamas landed in Virgin British Islands, where they stay for the week. Some rest, some beauty nature, some silence and freedom from the phones and emails.

The presidential couple did not announce their decision to go for exotic vacations because Barack and Michelle are just dreaming of having some rest after eight years in the White House. Children Malia and Sasha did not go with my parents, so Obamas will enjoy each other’s company and the beauty of the island nature.

Details of Obamas’ visit to the Caribbean were not previously shared but they are believed to be spending at least some of their time on Branson’s private retreat, Necker Island. The Virgin mogul was in the region last week but has since left to meet his newest grandson, Bluey.