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Barack and Michelle Obama: memoires and speeches

Barack Obama has a strong intention to write a book, the ex-president has a lot to say and to write. Mr Obama’s attorneys have already manage contract negotiations with the publishers.

Barack and Michelle Obama opened the new chapter of their life: the former president is going to write memories, said Kevin Lewis, a spokesman for the ex-POTUS.After their post-White House vacation in the British Virgin Islands.

After post-White House vacation in the British Virgin Islands, Obamas settled in Washington in the respectable district, they neighbours are Ivanka and Jared Kushner, the French Ambassador and other notable persons.

Last week, Obama’s attorneys Robert Barnett and Deneen Howell started to negotiate the contact with the potential publisher. Harry Walker Agency will coordinate speaking engagements, this heavyweight agency managed in past Bill Clinton and Dick Cheney, worked with Al Gore and Barbara Walters.

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There’s no date of the release to the future Obama’s book, the ex-president is busy now with his projects and pursuing the Obama Foundation. According to the words of Barack Obama:

‘With respect to my priorities when I leave, it is to build that next generation of leadership; organizers, journalists, politicians.’

The publishers predict the success to the book of the former first lady: Michelle Obama became an influential person whose book will be a bestseller, no doubts.