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Who Beyonce and Jay-Z named their twins after revealed

Who Beyonce and Jay-Z named their twins after revealed

Beyonce and Jay-Z are proud parents of the twins whose names revealed at last. The boy and girl were born on June 18 in LA clinic, the youngsters’ names are Shawn and Bea.

The pop diva Beyonce and her husband rapper Jay Z welcomed their twins on 18 June. According to Media Takeout, the celebs have named their boy and girl as Shawn Jr. and Bea Carter, both names of kids have the special meaning: Shawn means “God is gracious”, and Bea means “she who brings happiness”.

Kids really brought a lot of happiness to the family, Beyonce’s father Matthew Knowles was the first who reported this great news, while the parents of twins were extremely tight lips during at least three days.


Now, after the official announcement about the twins’ birth, the family of music tycoon and his adorable wife has started to receive the congratulations. Social media exploded with them, every fan is happy for Beyonce and Jay Z (or JAY-Z, he changed the spell of his name again these days).