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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie agreed on unsupervised visits with kids

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie agreed on unsupervised visits with kids

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie despite the heading toward a divorce, are understanding their role as the parents. Undoubtedly, Angelina is making unreasonable demands but Brad is ready to be as patient as possible. He adores the kids and will go through the toughest circumstances to be with them again. This week, Brad has finally been able to visit them without supervision.

Brad Pitt is celebrating his first tiny victory in the custody battle: now, he is able to see his kids without the supervision of the therapist. At last, children and their father will communicate in the unsupervised mode. Such a relief!

There is another news in the case of a Brangelina’s divorce: ex-wife wants to move on ASAP, she has given Mr Pitt the 90-day deadline to make the split official. Probably, it is not bad leads on this case, why not? thus, the couple has to make a wide spectre of decision regarding their marital properties.

According to the desire of Angie to finalise their divorce, the wife and husband will have to find a solution how to keep their expensive properties. The French mansion Chateau Miraval estate and vineyard in Europe needs the certain owner. Reportedly, Angelina is making ridiculous financial demands, being whopping $250 mln.

Brad and Angelina: custody battle is still going on

Brad is still insisting on the joint custody, he is a good father and he has no issue with taking care of the six children. Taking this into account, Pitt has the great chances to win the custody battle, at least, to make a progress in that department.

Now, the couple’s lawyers will be extremely busy with the issue of a marital property. Angelina is very angry about the whole situation, so, the fight in the court will be rather hot, the experts predict.