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Brad Pitt lost weight and looks a shadow of his former self

Brad Pitt lost weight and looks a shadow of his former self

Brad Pitt lives in sunny California and tries to do his best to be a disciplined and well-balanced person despite all the turns of the fate. Since September, the Hollywood A-lister has changed a lot, his friend noted that the 53-yaer-old man looks much younger now. His recent photos showed that Brad lost enough weight, the journalists say he looks a shadow of his former self.

Brad Pitt is doing good despite all the rumours, the actor lost some weight but it suits him, The 53-year-old man looks very toned and young. But sad, he is missing his kids a lot, that’s true.

Last week, LA paparazzi caught a star in an art studio while he was nursing a broken heart following his split from Angelina Jolie. Now, the actor often is describing as the ‘sexiest man alive’ looked a shadow of his former self.

Pitt has changed his haircut, the short new one made him younger, Brad opted a black bomber jacket, white T-shirt, classic jeans and suede Chelsea boots. The ‘Seven’ star has stepped away from the spotlight to spend time creating a sculpture under the direction of his friend, British artist Thomas Houseago.

A shadow of his former self: Brad Pitt arrived at his LA art studio bolthole on Thursday looking shockingly gaunt

Brad Pitt: life after split is going on

Brad has been spending up to 15 hours a day in the studio working until the early hours of the morning and listening to playlists of sad songs, as The Daily Mail informed. While the Hollywood star made a brief surprise appearance at the Golden Globes on January 8, he otherwise skipped the award circuit.

Everybody knows it’s related to what’s going on with him personally, but nobody says anything. Brad is a quiet guy, and very humble. He’s learning at a fast pace, say his friends.