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Copenhagen cemetery gets Buddhist area

Copenhagen cemetery gets Buddhist area

Copenhagen’s cemetery got another section where people could bury their Buddist friends and relatives. The 108-square-metre Buddhist section will add to the national and religious diversity of Copenhagen’s cemetery, which already includes designated zones for atheists, Catholics, Muslims, Russians and Swedes.

The Buddist residents of Copenhagen got an opportunity to be buried at the special section of Bispebjerg Cemetery dedicated to their religion. The cemetery has introduced Denmark’s first-ever section of a Christian burial place to pay the respect to Buddhism. Prior to opening the special zone of Danish cemetery, Buddhists have up to now had the option of having burial urns placed in a columbarium.

Last week, a section of Bispebjerg Cemetery in Copenhagen was opened and blessed by three lama priests from a Tibetan monastery, providing Danish Buddhists with the option of being buried together with coreligionists. Moreover, the newly-established Society for Buddhist Burials (SBB) applied to be given the dedicated section.

“People liked having the columbarium, where you can come and meditate. But some have wished to be buried outside, closer to nature. We’re pleased that’s now possible,”

explained Ole Nordstrøm of (SBB) and added that a permission has also been given for a stupa, a structure containing relics that is used as a place of meditation, to be built in the burial area.

Copenhagen Municipality said that Bispebjerg Cemetery is “apparently” the first Christian burial place in Denmark to include such a structure.