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Coppola and ‘Godfather’ cast reunite at Tribeca Film Fest

Coppola and ‘Godfather’ cast reunite at Tribeca Film Fest

The ‘Godfather’ is 45 today, a masterpiece by Francis Ford Coppola was released in 1972. In 2017, the cast and the director have reunited at Tribeca Film Fest, that rare reunion of stars on Saturday is really miraculous.

Robert De Niro organised a special night for ‘Godfather’ cast to celebrate its 45th anniversary.

Diane Keaton, Robert DeNiro, Robert Duvall, Francis Ford Coppola, James Caan, Al Pacino and Talia Shire at Radio City Music Hall.This special day marks another jubilee of the world-famous drama, the reunion of the cast became a real event at the TFF, the performers gathered on the stage decorated to resemble the library of Don Corleone. Marlon Brando’s portrait was hanging above, so the Hollywood stars were sharing the behind-the-scene stories and talking to the audience.

This reunion was the closing night of Tribeca Film Festival. Coppola remembers that he was disappointed in the Mario Puzo’s book when he first read, the novel was too long, and a ‘bit of a potboiler.’

Godfather, casting and fight for Al Pacino

The ‘Godfather’ has a lot of stars, but the brightest is Al Pacino, no doubt. Coppola’s battles over casting Pacino as Michael Corleone have long been Hollywood legend. Pacino even suggested Coppola shouldn’t fight so hard for him, telling him,

“It’s OK. We’ll work again. There are other things to do.”

But Coppola was obsessed with Pacino, he just saw Al’s face on the screen as Michael.

On Saturday, Coppola and the group gathered together on stage to embrace each other while the crowd, eager for more, took pictures of the legendary “Godfather” team, draped arm in arm.