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Creed 2: Sylvester Stallone drops hint at Rocky IV link

Creed 2: Sylvester Stallone drops hint at Rocky IV link

Sylvester Stallone hints on his social media account that Creed 2 will be a rather original movie project, so the Hollywood A-lister and producer insists in paying the attention to it.

Stallone was the inspiror and one of those who developed the idea of Creed 2, of course, Michael B Jordan will take on the role of Adonis Creed. Adonis is the son of Apollo Creed in the Rocky movies and Apollo’s life was brought to an end in the ring, in a fight with Dolph Lundgren’s Ivan Drago.

The producers didn’t identify the day of Creed 2 release, moreover, the name of the director is still unclear. Earlier, there were rumours that Ryan Coogler will sit in the director’s chair, this man helmed the most recent movie, is in the midst of making Black Panther for Marvel.

Will Adonis Creed coming face to face with the man who killed his dad? Quiet possible, taking into account that the ‘sins of the father’ seem to follow the saying that refers to them becoming the sins of the son. Creed 2 probably be a movie not about Creed’s sins but Drago’s ones. These Russians… So it would probably be Drago’s son, hopefully managed by Drago himself.