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David Beckham’s acting debut in King Arthur fans called a ridiculous

David Beckham’s acting debut in King Arthur fans called a ridiculous

David Beckham is not the perfect actor, even the small role requires an experience and some theory prior to acting. Fans slammed David for this awkward and unprofessional appearance on the big screen, nobody liked it at all.

David Beckham is the great athlete, not an actor, but when the director is your friend, you can act without preparation – that is describing how the British footballer got a role in the historical drama King Arthur by Guy Ritchie.

The acting debut of 42-year-old footballer has been widely panned by movie fans following the release of the highly-awaited summer blockbuster trailer on Tuesday. The former athlete made his silver screen debut in his pal Guy Ritchie’s drama alongside film stars Charlie Hunnam and Eric Bana, which will hit UK cinemas on May 19.

Playing hardened battle guard Trigger in the flick, David’s attempts appeared to fall flat for film lovers as they took to social media in their droves to pan his debut.

David Beckham's acting debut

Beckham’s cockney in the historical drama sounds ridiculous

David Beckham is very far from the role of James Bond despite all the rumours, the acting debut in Guy Ritchie’s movie proved athlete’s inability to act professionally yet.

In the short clip, the English captain responds to King Arthur – who is played by Charlie – about his attempts to pull the sword, Excalibur, out of the stone.

Charlie asked ‘Where do you want me?’ and David’s character (unexpectedly for the medieval times!) answering in cockney tones: ‘Bouncing on my knee? Where do you think I want you?

Before adding: ‘Hands on the hill, stupid.’

The fans of David Beckham were disappointed with this his acting work, they also said that Guy Ritchie didn’t present any god film since Snatch:

‘The only thing I took away from King Arthur is that David Beckham can’t act. And I think I already knew that,’

a user twitted.