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DiCaprio asked to testify in ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ lawsuit

DiCaprio asked to testify in ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ lawsuit

A Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio will testify at the court. A 41-year-old actor has been ordered to testify in a $25 million defamation lawsuit filed by Andrew Greene against The Wolf of Wall Street.

The Hollywood Reporter said that US magistrate judge Steven Locke granted Andrew Greene’s motion to compel a deposition from DiCaprio. Rather strange, but the judge did. In fact, the defendants argued that DiCaprio shouldn’t be deposed because an actor didn’t write or play the character in question.

DiCaprio’s testimony, however, may shed a light on his production company’s involvement in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, the Hollywood Reporter says. The studios Paramount and Red Granite Pictures still have not commented on the case.

Andrew Greene, a former stockbroker, is claiming to have been portrayed as a “depraved” drug-fuelled a criminal, degenerate, and totally amoral person. Moreover, portrayed as a man who wore toupée! Mr. Green assured that Nicky “Rugrat” Koskoff (actor P.J. Byrne from the cast ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’) was based on him and his life story.