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The Eagles launch lawsuit Hotel California

The Eagles launch lawsuit Hotel California

The Eagles is a legendary music band, its 1976 album Hotel California became iconical. Now, the rock band launch lawsuit the hotel in Mexico that called itself the Hotel California intentionally to use The Eagles hit song and fame.

The famous band is very unhappy with the fact that others use their name to enrich and promote their business, the rockers don’t understand how disrespectful people can be: American rock band claim the 11-room hotel, in Todos Santos, actively use ‘Hotel California’ name to encourage online visitors and real guests to believe the place is associated with them in order to sell merchandise.

According to the musicians, the hotel owners are playing Eagles songs in the lobby and sells T-shirts describing the venue as that very legendary. Using such a modus operandi, many online reviews are making clear that guest really believe they have stayed in Hotel California’s song.

Such massive deceiving made The Eagles to сommence a lawsuit, which could stop the hotel from using the Hotel California remarkable name. The rock band want the only one thing – let these greedy strangers stop to imply any connection to the rock band. The musicians are also seeking all related profits, plus damages and relief.

Hotel California: history, cobwebs and The Eagles hit

Hotel California was an absolute hit in 1976, the young rock band made its name thanks to this song, which won the 1977 Grammy award for Record of the Year. In fact, the hit wasn’t based on any particular place, but Hotel California’s from the Todos Santos does its best to make money in the glory of a rock band and its 1976 song.

On Monday, the hearings were started in Los Angeles but the owners of Hotel California were not immediately available to comment on the legal case.

Hotel California

Ironically, the band used the photo without permission, nearly landing them in court, until it was pointed out that the hotel had seen its bookings triple after the album was released.

The Eagles also noted that the defendant Hotel California Baja LLC has applied with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to register the Hotel California name.