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Elon Musk releases details of plan to colonise Mars

Elon Musk releases details of plan to colonise Mars

Elon Mask, the indefatigable inventor and thinker, revealed details of the potential colonisation of Mars. According to SpaceX founder, the development of new space lands will go faster if experts listen to the arguments of the engineer.

First of all, Elon Musk as a Silicon Valley daydreamer, let’s not forget this fact. He has had tremendous success with rocket launches to space already, undoubtedly, his approach is able to decrease significantly the space flights. Current paper proposes several interesting ways of trying to get to Mars and beyond – and he aims to build a “self-sustaining city” on the red planet.

The general Musk’s idea depends on getting cheaper access to space – the paper says the cost of trips to Mars must be lowered by “five million percent”. A central part of this will be reusable space technology – SpaceX and Falcons have proven their ability to decrease the spatial trips. This is an excellent idea that Musk is already putting into practice with impressive landings of rocket stages back on Earth – undoubtedly a huge technological step.


So far, the “Red Dragon” capsule is proposed as a potential lander on such missions, using propulsion in combination with other technology rather than parachutes as most Mars missions do. Musk plans to test such a landing on Mars in 2020 with an unmanned mission. But it’s unclear whether it’s doable and the fuel requirements are huge.

Whatever it was, Mask continues to develop his idea of colonisation of Mars, and, the engineer is sharing his thoughts with planetary experts on the regular basis. The billionaire’s plans clearly include one important point – to improve the life of mankind both on Earth and on Mars.