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Facebook officially verified an Illuminati page

Facebook officially verified an Illuminati page

Facebook verified the page which reportedly runs by the Illuminati community. Normally, the social network’s ‘blue tick’ verification is reserved for official pages of real brands or famous people. From now, Illuminati is the official page of this secret society.

Facebook and Illuminati society understand each other very well if the social network marked the secret community’s page as ‘verified’. Facebook endorsed the Illuminati page, which has over 380,000 likes and noted in its page description: ‘We are always watching out for you.’ Welcome to Facebook, in other words, like us and try to guess what these  Illuminati are.

Last weekend Marc Zuckerberg’s social network decided to announce the new, verified, status to members of Illuminati cult. The Illu-adepts were very grateful to FB for this movement. They said:

‘Many pages claim to represent us but are not authorised by our organisation. […] Some have attempted to defraud our members by demanding payment for membership – a practice prohibited by our council.’

The Facebook group says that there’s no online fees or donations for becoming a member of this society but members can still buy ‘Illuminati’ merchandise.

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Illuminati: who are them?

The Illuminati society was established in the medieval Germany, a the end of the XVIII century. The name of the organisations is a Latin word, which means ‘Enlightenment’. After the appearance of this so secret society its adepts started to PR, saying that many political and economic event was happening thanks to the Illuminati only. They insist that the Battle of Waterloo, the French Revolution or the assassination of the most prominent US Presidents were planned and executed by the Illuminati members.

Nowadays, Illuminati is a very popular society in Hollywood like kabbalah, scientology and other cults. Moreover, the Illuminati has its own site and claim they want to overthrow current governments and introduce their own New World Order.