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Gordon Ramsay: My children are NOT allowed to date the Beckham kids

Gordon Ramsay: My children are NOT allowed to date the Beckham kids

Gordon Ramsay and David Beckham are best pals, but Gordon is far from delight when his daughter Holly is thinking to date Brooklyn Beckham. Any of four Ramsay’s juniors is not allowed to date the Beckham kids.

The 50-year-old chef Gordon Ramsay is very caring and loving father who has a great respect for David and Victoria Beckham. And despite many years of such friendship, Gordon doesn’t want his kids dating the Beckham’s ones. As we all know, Gordon is a proud father to three girls and a boy, while David’s clan made up of three boys and a girl. The perfect proportion, but not for Ramsay.

The Hell’s Kitchen star claimed that under no circumstances will there be romance between their children of both families:

“We’ve promised that no one dates anybody. If Holly said, ‘Yeah, Brooklyn and I…’ it would be, ‘No, Holly’,”

Gordon Ramsay explained his position and jokingly touched the wooden table.

Gordon Ramsay Beckham

Ramsay and Beckham: will any romance be possible?

Speaking about the Ramsay family’s friendship with the Beckhams, Gordon explained:

“But the connection is our ambition to get all eight children through school, college, university, and then dust ourselves down, when the kids are in their 20s, as having been decent parents. That’s hard. We feed off each other.”

Gordon also revealed that his success doesn’t mean his children will be growing up spoilt, the famous chef added that they are very hands on parents and don’t let their membership to a VIP lifestyle affect the lives of their kids, who all have ambitions or jobs of their own.