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Hillary Clinton ‘thrilled’ to receive Adele’s endorsing for US presidency

Hillary Clinton ‘thrilled’ to receive Adele’s endorsing for US presidency

Hillary Clinton visited Adele’s show at Miami’s American Airlines Arena on Tuesday, and the British singer endorsed the Democratic nominee for the US presidency. Adele just threw in the crowd “Don’t vote for Trump!”

Hillary Clinton is a very respectable person, especially among the women, self-standing, proactive and gifted. Like Adele, for an instance! Last night Adele was performing in Miami and during the concert she endorsed Clinton for US presidency.

Adele just said to her fans in Miami “Don’t vote for Trump!”, and these worse have melted the heart of Hillary. The Democrat nominee twitted her personal thanks to Adele, and–who knows–it could be the start of a wonderful friendship.

Hillary Clinton runs for the USpresidency, and it is the first tie in America’s history when a woman has a chance to win this race. According to Adele, it’s just amazing, that’s why she decided to encourage Hillary in these the hardest week of her political life.

Hillary said she was “thrilled” to receive the backing of Adele during her concert in the US on Tuesday night. She also tweeted to say it was “quite a birthday surprise”.

Clinton’s comments came after Adele told a crowd at Miami’s American Airlines Arena that she was just anti-Trump: “I do know what to do – don’t vote for him, that’s all I’m saying.” Adele added:

“I support Hillary Clinton 100%, I do. And for anyone else that wants to vote for him, I don’t care, good for you, do whatever you want. I’m just letting you know who I would vote for.”

Donald Trump dislikes Adele, actually, she was very angry with his using of her songs during the campaign. The singer requested that he stopped playing her songs (Rolling in the Deep) at his rallies because didn’t want to be associated with the mogul.