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Iran: first COVID-19 vaccine starts clinical trial

Iran: first COVID-19 vaccine starts clinical trial

The Iranian health ministry reported on the start of the clinical trial for the first national covid-19 vaccine. As IRNA has learned, phase 2 and 3 began on Monday at the COVIran Barakat, with two voluntary receivers.

Irah has developed its first anti-COVID drug and started its clinical trials on Monday. As Dr Hamed Hosseini from Clinical Trial Center Manager in TUMC said phase 2 of a clinical trial for COVIran Barakat takes place.

The vaccine against the novel pathogen developed by Executive Office of Imam Khomeini’s Order, the clinical trial began today and the next phase would be carried out afterwards.

Moradvand, a cardiologist, and Rasoulinejad, the infectious disease specialist, are the two lecturers of Tehran University Medical Sciences. They are volunteers who will receive the vaccine to begin phase 2 and 3 of its clinical trial.

According to Dr Hamed Hosseini, the Iranian vaccine has received required licenses from the Food and Drug Administration of Iran National Committee for Ethics in Biomedical Research to start the phases.

The first phase of the COVIran Barakat test was carried out early in January and 56 volunteers at the age of 18-50 received two doses of the vaccine.

Last week, the collection of blood samples from phase 1 volunteers completed. The final report was handed over to Iran’s health ministry.