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Italian design lab offers a fully-sustainable 3D-printed lamp

Italian design lab offers a fully-sustainable 3D-printed lamp

The ecological lamp created by the Italian studio ZM Design Lab is a 100 per cent sustainable 3D-printed lamp. There are no screws or surface cuts at the joint, but rather a double pair of magnets, Springwise has learned.

The innovative and stylish table lamp is printed with natural filament made from various types of wood combined with a bioplastic produced from renewable resources.  The portable table lamp is rechargeable, while its unique design allows the user to adjust the light to their desired direction.

Named the ‘Puddy’, the 3D-printed lamp includes a LED module, an aluminium base, and five 3D-printed parts make up the structure. All those parts are designed to allow easy assembly and disassembly. Just a perfect gift for kids and adults.

Why Puddy?

In fact, ‘Puddy’ is a combination of ‘Paddy’ and ‘Buddy’, the engineers from ZM Design Lab explained.

‘Paddy’ pays homage to the conical hats that rice farmers wear in Southeast Asia – the lamp’s design resembles these hats. ‘Buddy’, refers to the fact the lamp is designed to be like a buddy: durable and reliable.

The unique lamp designed to avoid any printing supports and therefore to limit our production waste as much as possible. Once printed, the components are ready without adding any chemical colouring additives and paints for assembly.”

To promote the brilliant idea, the designers have been launched a campaign on Kickstarter, and the lamp is available to order for an early price of €189 with delivery estimated for April 2022.