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Italy, ASEAN deepen their business relationships

Italy, ASEAN deepen their business relationships

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is deepening the relationship with Italy whose business aimed at further development and mutually beneficial cooperation. As Corriere Della Sera indicated, Italy-ASEAN ties become one of the most economically dynamic ones in the world.

For modern Italy, the ASEAN is some kind of the exemplifying paradigm of a new and growing economic zone. In fact, it is certainly not accidental, as it reflects the increasing attention that the Italian potential. The EU country is ready to offer many products and services to Asain partners. The cooperation aims to assess current areas of cooperation at different levels and find modalities to further increase the collaboration in new sectors.

For the “Italy-ASEAN Association” established in 2015, it is the right time o show the first results. Rome’s political and business circles have been interested in Asian partners in recent years, so, thanks to the initiative of prominent members of the Italian political, academic, diplomatic, and business communities the dreams come true.

During the last year, ASEAN aims primarily at fostering dialogue and commercial exchanges between Italy and Southeast Asia’s countries. This has been done through the organization of a series of conferences, meetings, and events, the most prominent of which is the “High Level Dialogue on ASEAN-Italy Economic Relations,” arranged by the Association together with The European House — Ambrosetti.

The leading Italian think tank and among the most-esteemed worldwide, and endorsed by the Italian Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Economic Development, the Italian Trade Agency, and the General Confederation of Italian Industry.

ASEAN-Italy dialogue is continuing

The first High-Level Dialogue took place in Jakarta in May 2017 and saw the participation of seven ministries from Italy and ASEAN countries, 30 international speakers from academia and business sectors, and 200 managers from the most prominent companies active in the two geographical areas.

The second ASEAN-Italy Dialogue was held in Singapore in April 2018; 10 government representatives, six national industry associations, 35 speakers, as well as more than 300 executives from Italy and Southeast Asian states were presented.

On this occasion, the discussions scrutinized topics such as the progress of ASEAN regional integration and the impacts of the Belt and Road Initiative, digital innovation and industry 4.0, doing business in Southeast Asia, and again a general overview on Italy’s and ASEAN’s geopolitical and macroeconomic situations.