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Ivanka Trump celebrates: her son Theodore is 8 months old

Ivanka Trump celebrates: her son Theodore is 8 months old

Ivanka Trump as a mother-of-three is very proud of the next milestone in the life of the family. The youngest son Theodor is 8 months old, Ivanka posted cute photos and captured them with warm words.

The family of Ivanka Trump was celebrating an unusual date — Theodor is 8 months already. The fact of celebrating such a ‘birthday’ inspired a wave of the laugh on the web. Many users questioned whether Ivanka knew what a ‘birthday’ actually is.

‘I hope he enjoys his 2nd birthday in 4 months time. Wait…’

joked one user. Another added:

‘Shoot! I forgot to wish my kids ‘Happy Birthday” on a random day in November.’

In fact, Ivanka knows very well what she is doing and what exactly she is writing. The request on the recounting of the votes is not good news for Trump family. that’s why the daughter of Donald decided to divert this subject to another one. Like a ‘birthday’ of the youngest son, why not?

Ivanka didn’t forget to hit back gently at her Twitter criticizers:

‘Lol. Of course, you are right! Only in a baby’s first year of life would a parent “celebrate” a child’s birthday on a monthly basis!’

Donald Trump’s daughter posed for a portrait with her husband Jared Kushner, their three kids and her maternal grandmother, captioning the image:

‘I feel incredibly blessed and thankful on this Thanksgiving day.’