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Johnny Depp slowly morphing into Marlon Brando, critics say

Johnny Depp slowly morphing into Marlon Brando, critics say

Johnny Depp and entire his life and the career look very similar to another Hollywood A-lister, Marlon Brando. Both men were the friends in the 90s when the Godfather star taught young Johnny many useful things, revealed several professional secrets. Now, people say that Depp morphs slowly into his idol.

Johnny Depp’s flamboyant love and professional life indicate that rather than just idolising Marlon Brando, his friend and mentor. According to the recent reports, Mr Depp has been steadily transforming into the famously and eccentric actor, too. The word ‘eccentric’ is the key, indeed.

Amid the explosive allegations about Depp revealed in legal papers between him and his former business managers, one particular story stuck out. According to that document, the actor doesn’t want to know by heart the lines of dialogues on the set. Instead of that, Depp has his own private sound engineer on his payroll, who feeds him lines through an earpiece. The similar trick used to use Mr Brando while acting in the legendary Godfather.

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Johnny Depp and Marlon Brando: too many similarities between both actor’s trajectories

It is really difficult not to spot the symmetry between Depp-Brando life’s trajectories, and it is not only about their laziness in the learning of their lines.

Like Brando before him, Depp has had a turbulent love life, from his hotel-room-trashing fights with 90s girlfriend Kate Moss, to the abuse allegations raised in the wake of Depp’s divorce from actress Amber Heard (all vehemently denied by Depp).

In his better years, Brando was a more prolific womaniser than Depp, and significantly more prone to emotional torment.