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Kanye West is back, Kim’s husband looks like the old Kanye

Kanye West is back, Kim’s husband looks like the old Kanye

Kanye West did his best to be back in his old version of self, the fans are really happy to see the rapper live and sound. The fragile autumn/winter period is over, so Kim Kardashian’s husband is back to his old version. At last, no blonde or pink colours of his hair, West is the best again because the singer looks naturally and relaxed.

Kanye West is doing well, his style is back as well as his spirit and the sense of humour. After November public breakdown, the rapper drastically changed his hairstyle, his hair blonde was rather unnatural and became a very alarming signal for fans.

DAccording to the psychologists, it’s natural to change one’s physical appearance as a response to trauma. Now that Yeezy has been in recovery mode, he has decided to switch up his look once again. Slowly but surely – it is the best recovering mode, indeed.

Kanye West

This spring month, West took things back to his roots, he was shaving his head down to how the “old Kanye” version traditionally used to rock it.

Perhaps this means that he’s feeling back to old self, prior to the handful of difficult times he and his family experienced following his wife Kim Kardashian’s terrifying robbery incident in Paris last year.

On the photo from the recent Kanye West sighting, some fans sounded off in the comments section, many fans and admirers hopeful that the rapper is coming into his own again.