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Kirk Douglas celebrates 100 with star-studded Birthday party

Kirk Douglas celebrates 100 with star-studded Birthday party

Kirk Douglas, the famous Hollywood actor and a father of Michel Douglas, celebrates his 100th birthday. The luxury party was amazing, about 135 guests arrived at Beverly Hills Hotel on Friday before later gathering at tables named after some of his favourite films.

Kirk wore his rust-colored tweed jacket, comfortable shoes and plain slacks when he was arriving at the Beverly Hills Hotel for a Birthday party. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones were in attendance, other members of the Douglas clan came to congratulate their world-famous relative with the jubilee.

Michael Douglas, son of Douglas, kicked off the speeches, saying,

‘I owe a lot of my career and success to him,’

and remembering how his father gave the reins of ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ to him when Kirk couldn’t make a deal on it. Michael also played tribute to his stepmother, Anne, who has been married to Kirk for 62 years.

‘He is always asking about what kind of father he was. Dad, you are an amazing, amazing father,’ 

added Michael.

Douglas’ wife Anne paid tribute to her husband, calling him her “friend” and “lover,” before turning to her stepson, Michael, and thanking him for doing “such wonderful things at a time he needs them most.”

Steven Spielberg delivered a speech in which he mentioned that his own father, Arnold, was turning 100 years old in February. The director said that he was working with many Hollywood stars, but kirk Douglas was the only movie star he’s ever met.

Everyone stressed that Kirk was optimistic ferocity on the screen, claiming he makes his ‘actors watch your movies to inspire them.’