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Madonna has no idea where all her personal items are: lawyer

Madonna has no idea where all her personal items are: lawyer

Madonna’s star status automatically makes from all her belongings a rarity, so her lawyer insists that the celebrity has no idea where all her personal items are or can be. The story with her personal letter from ex-boyfriend Tupac Shakur is the most discussing topic this week. 

The lawyer of Madonna Brendan O’Rourke explains that The Material Girl hitmaker got so much stuff she lost track of intimate mementoes. One of such extremely personal items is a love letter from the rapper Tupac whose handwritten confession astounded the public last week.

Another personal item is a pair of worn, white satin panties Madonna sent to another ex-boyfriend. Have undies really belonged to the singer, her lawyer argued in the court on Thursday.

“She has a lot of personal items. You can imagine over the years she’s collected a lot of personal items,” 

Brendan O’Rourke said in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Madonna personal items: how many and where they are?

Madonna is a woman who has lots of possessions, much more than an ordinary woman does. Some of them are in closets, some of them are in safes. Does Madonna herself know where all her personal possessions are? Of course, it is not possible to keep in the memory the location of every item someday wore by the star.

‘No, but that doesn’t’ make them any less her personal items,’

attorney O’Rourke argued.

On Monday, judge Gerald Lebovitz halted the auction, which was scheduled to start on July 19, at least, two personal items of Madonna (undies and letter from Tupac) should be auctioned.