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Meghan Markle’s father involved into another tabloid drama

Meghan Markle’s father involved into another tabloid drama

Meghan Markle’s dad, Thomas Markle, has inserted himself into another self-made drama. The proud father decided to make a private handwritten five-page letter from Meghan a public one, Mail on Sunday reported.

Meghan Markle is a smart woman but her family doesn’t stop to make her royal life easier, even knowing that Duchess is heavily pregnant. the recent move of Thomas Markle just shocked everyone, the loving father decided to publish Meghan’s private letter to him. None wants to find out her or his private letter will be published, the things like letters are extremely intimate. But if you are royal or celebrity, the relatives are always ready to earn some money on the most intimate moments.

“Daddy, it is with a heavy heart that I write this, not understanding why you have chosen to take this path, turning a blind eye to the pain you are causing,” daughter wrote. “Your actions have broken my heart into a million pieces—not simply because you have manufactured such unnecessary and unwarranted pain, but by making the choice to not tell the truth as you are puppeteered in this. Something I will never understand.”

In her letter, Meghan gently reminds father that media is not the best way to communicate but Thomas Markle Sr does the opposite thing and makes the situation even more complex, more emotional than ever before.

According to the inner circle of Meghan Markle, the publication the duchess wrote her father a letter in the summer after her wedding and asked him to stop “victimizing” her in the media. Thomas said he hadn’t planned to release the letter but felt compelled to do so after the People story, in which “the letter was presented in a way that vilified me.”

Despite all unexpected moves of her family, Meghan Markle demonstrates the good spirit and fulfils her royal duties with unbelievable diligence, say the experts. The soon-to-be mom’s schedule is very busy but Duchess Meghan looks happy and relaxed.