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Melania, Barron Trump are completely moving to D.C. this June

Melania, Barron Trump are completely moving to D.C. this June

Melania and Barron Trump are definitely moving to Washington, D.C., this summer big and famous American family will be united at last. Previously, there were many rumours regarding such a strange separate life of Trump family but now all the critics understood that it was just a temporary manoeuvre.

Barron trump will come to his father to the capital this June, Melania isn’t going to let the White House glam room go to waste after all. According to TMZ, first lady and the first son soon-to-unite President in their new residence in D.C.

After the school year, the kid will be able to choose his new Washington school, and the White House staffers are already hard at work primping the presidential residence for Melania’s arrival with some spiffy new paint and whatnot.

Melania, Barron, and Donald

The White House fired back with a lengthy statement from adviser Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, which read, in part,

Mrs Trump will be moving to DC and settling in to the White House at the end of the school year, splitting her time between New York and DC in the meantime.’

For Melania, the schedule is ready, now the question is what Ivanka will do. Last week her father kick out the British boyband One Direction from Trump hotel in one reason: guys refused to meet Ivanka or her sister Tiffany.