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Melania Trump remind Donald how the national anthem works

Melania Trump remind Donald how the national anthem works

Melania Trump is most American than her presidential husband, such a conclusion drew all and every watcher after seeing how Donald Trump behaves during the national anthem. On Sunday, the first family congratulated the Americans with Easter, the White House invited 200,000 kids to celebrate this day.

Donald Trump forgot how to behave while listening to the national anthem, on Sunday, Melania has to remind him what exactly to do and when. A Slovenia-born first lady has been successful so far in her most important duty: making sure her husband seems presidential.

At White House Easter egg roll on Sunday, the most attentive observers noticed that first lady subtly reminded President how to behave during the national anthem. While she and Barron immediately placed their hands on their hearts, Donald wasn’t so fast but seemed too relaxed. Is he getting older?

Immediately after such faux pas, Trump’s critics exploded with the comments and insults.

Melania, Donald Trump

Seeing Melania right beside her husband is nice, so, the Americans still wondering: when the first lady will make the final decision to move to the White House? Many persons would die for the opportunity to live in the most white and most famous house in the USA but not this woman.