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Michael Fassbender’s new film could be the Irish answer to Game Of Thrones

Michael Fassbender’s new film could be the Irish answer to Game Of Thrones

Irish mythology can be for cinema bottomless well of ideas for franchises, Michael Fassbender believes. An Irish-German actor wants to present a powerful film based on the popular Irish myths, this will be the Irish answer to the Game of Thrones.

Michael Fassbender is a busy man these days, his film Assassin’s Creed has just come out and made the first impression. Undoubtedly, the name of Fassbender is famous enough, so, Michael thinks about his future in the cinema world. The actor intends to present a new movie which is an Irish answer to the Game of Thrones.

Being on top of two powerful projects like Alien: Covenant and The Snowman, the Iris-German actor is working on the Irish version of HBO’s mega popular Game of Thrones. In his interview for Digital Spy, Michael said:

“I’ve been working on the Irish Myths for quite some time now. That’s not the same as Game of Thrones, but it’s of the same world, so I’ll be concentrating on that.”

So what kind of stories is Fassbender hoping to bring the wide screen with this Irish Myths project?

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Actor Fassbender about the Irish mythology

Michael Fassbender notes that Ireland is famous for its mythology. You could find parallels to Greek mythology, but it’s just a very rich world. Actor says that world of folklor legends is a very rich one:

‘You’ve got characters like Cuchulain, who’s in some ways a parallel to Achilles, but is a Gaelic version. It’s just a very rich world where, again, men and women fight as equals alongside each other; the connection to nature and the animal world is a very real one.’