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Michelle Obama’s Snapchat account: who runs it?

Michelle Obama’s Snapchat account: who runs it?

Michelle Obama and her Snapchat account are extremely popular, the first lady of the US got style and grace. The account in Snapchat became so popular thanks to another woman, Kelsey Donohue. She is the Assistant Press Secretary FLOTUS and she had a job of her dream.

Michelle Obama held the official post of the first lady over eight years, and all this period the Americans were proud of their FLOTUS. Mrs Obama looked stylish, fresh and gorgeous under any circumstances, and her Snapchat got enormous popularity in media social network.

Kelsy Donohue who is running the FLOTUS Snachat, is very proud of her work and its results, she said:

‘That no matter what you do, you can happy and find passion in your job as long as you remain authentic to yourself.’

It is worth to note that Ms Dohohue wore a lot of hats in her career, but the managing Michelle Obama’s Snapchat account is the favourite task. Kelsy noted in her interview for HelloGiggles that the most unexpected part of her daily job was understanding how much great content you van find in the White House.

The Assistant Press Secretary to Mrs Obama added:

‘Everyone always thinks of politics and Washington as kind of this very stodgy government. We could see that [Snapchat] could be a strategic platform for us to use too, and kind of peel back the curtains on the White House.’