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Multiple sclerosis: sun exposure in youth can protect against disease

Multiple sclerosis: sun exposure in youth can protect against disease

Multiple sclerosis is an insidious disease with unpredictable consequences, the most terrible thing is that disease can strike in early life. A recent study by the researchers from the University of Bergen showed that sun exposure may be a natural prevention treatment for sclerosis.

The researchers believe that persons who spent little of their adolescence outdoors run a higher risk of MS in their 40s than those got more sunlight. Multiple sclerosis (MS) affects the central nervous system and destroys the personality day by day.

The scientists linked the increased outdoor activities in the age of 14 to 18 to a lower risk of MS. Dr Kjetil Lauvland Bjørnevik explained this link:

“Our days of youth are a sensitive period for exposure to environmental factors that can be pivotal regarding who gets MS,” 

The sun exposure as anti-sclerotical treatment is extremely useful in the age of 16 to 18, Norwegian researchers discovered this by charting the teenage lifestyles of healthy persons and MS patients.


Multiple sclerosis: adults and teenagers

According to the scientists from Norway, adults are not able to compensate for their bygone teenage years indoors by later becoming sun-loving persons. Moreover, the quantity od the sun block also matters. Those who used on a lot of it and smear it often had the highest risk of MS – like those who spent the most time indoors.

“It looks like extensive use of sun lotions with higher sunblock in childhood hinder this protection,”

notes Dr Bjørnevik and added that vitamin D is a vital factor for the health of the central nervous system.