Today: Wednesday, 29 May 2024 year

NASA’s Secret Santa Claus Apollo Mission UFO Exposed

A multi-award winning photographic expert, illustrator, and former NASA employee has continued her claims that the space agency is involved in covering up UFO sightings on the moon during the Apollo lunar missions.

Dora Hare has even testified before Congress regarding her accounts of how NASA had her and other graphics and photography experts doctor photos taken by astronauts during their Apollo missions and from satellite surveillance, of flying saucers and alien moon bases. These objects and facilities were allegedly airbrushed out of the photos before they were then sold to the public.

Hare has made these claims for years and a few others of sound credibility have come forward as well. In tune with the Christmas holiday, the UFOs sighted by the astronauts were nicknamed “Santa Claus”, according to Hare.

One other who claims similar to Hare is Sergeant Karl Wolfe who reportedly worked for the Director of Intelligence at headquarters Tactical Air Command. He claims to have seen the photos actually being altered to remove the anomalies.

As with past and numerous UFO accounts, people were reportedly threatened not to talk. In this case not bodily harm but the loss of one’s retirement benefits. These claims go hand in hand with thousands of other accounts by citizens of the US for close to 70 years now. Officially there is no branch of government that has the authority to threaten anyone, with anything, and any agency claiming to do so is in direct violation of the laws of the US, but these claims continue to pour forward to this day. Of note, not one bit of physical proof of any form of extraterrestrial presence on Earth now or in the past has been presented by anyone to the public’s satisfaction.

Hare’s account of what she witnessed and had been told compounds the problem because with today’s computer technology, it is easy for specialists in special effects to detect what has been airbrushed and what hasn’t. So far no analysis of this level has been presented to the public. In addition, other countries have taken photos of the moon and none have reported any anomalies of such note.

At present, China is the only active country exploring the moon and India has sent up equipment but nothing showing flying saucers, alien bases, nor anything out of the ordinary.

That doesn’t stop Hare and other UFO conspiracy theorists, some of whom claim to have original photos of such anomalies though none have a resolution clear enough to make a conclusion. Considering the massive amount of surface detail of the moon, with Russia, China, France, and the US having taken detailed photos and with the advent of computer processing, something should have come up by now.

Hare’s UFO account will have to be filed away as something personal without any form of verification. The same goes for others who’ve disclosed UFO data in relation to NASA including several of the Apollo astronauts themselves such as Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Dr. Buzz Collins, and Dr. Gordon “Gordo” Cooper. All three have questioned the US’ involvement with the UFO agenda and have asked for disclosure regarding top secret documents and protection for witnesses. So far the US government hasn’t addressed the issue to the satisfaction of the public and the mainstream media continues to treat the subject with everything from humor to outright ad hominem attacks against witnesses and researchers.

So for now, the Santa Claus UFO mystery is going to have to wait with the rest of the UFO stories like Roswell and the Hudson Valley triangle UFOs, until the subject interrupts the daily goings on of society and commerce.

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