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North Korea crisis: Putin and Abe call for talks

North Korea crisis: Putin and Abe call for talks

Vladimir Putin urged North Korea to refrain from using belligerent rhetoric, together with Japan prime minister Shinzo Abe, he called for the resumption of talks with North Korea.

North Korea caused the tensions on the peninsula, this uneasy situation has a tendency to escalate further, so Russian president and Japanese prime minister joint their efforts to make North Korea to “refrain from using belligerent rhetoric”.

According to Mr Putin, the world wants to see “peaceful, constructive dialogue” between the opposing parties, and Shinzo Abe fully supports this position of the Russian leader.

Putin and Abe

North Korea and US: missile tests and warnings

North Korea and the US have rather difficult relations, in recent weeks, they worsened much. The crisis was registered after President Trump announced the US was sending a naval carrier group to patrol the Korean peninsula.

In response to that “US aggression”, North Korea threatened to launch a “super-mighty pre-emptive strike”. The tension is increasing, that’s why the world is looking with hope at Vladimir Putin whose authority is solid and inarguable.

Meanwhile, the game of nerves is continuing – North Korea announces new bomb tests, while the US is still warning Kim Jong-un not to do it. So far, the US and N.Korea have traded angry words and threats as Korean leader persists with missile tests, despite repeated American warnings to stop it.

The hope for the resumption of talks with North Korea is very important for the world fate, these talks could make the peninsula tensions easy, political observers anticipate.