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Pope Francis hails health care workers

Pope Francis hails health care workers

The head of the Roman Catholic Church on Sunday hailed health care workers as heroes for their 24/7 service, Manila Times reports.

In his weekly appearance from a window of the Apostolic Palace on Sunday, Pope Francis highly appreciated the daily work of the medical personnel across the planet. They are fighting for global health every day, not just during the pandemic, the pontiff stressed out. He also was asking the public in St. Peter’s Square to join him in public applause.

Pope clapped his hands in what he said was a “great thank you” for health workers, including volunteers, who care for the sick. Italy was marking Sunday as a national day to pay tribute to health care workers. According to Italy’s Professional Association of Doctors, 370 physicians have died of OVID-19 in Italy.

Commenting on their heroism, Pope Francis said, “We must recall the many doctors, nurses, volunteers, who are close to the sick, treat them, make them feel better, help them”.

Overlooking the square, His Holliness added “No one saves themselves. In illness, we need someone who saves us, who helps us.”

He hailed “the heroic health care personnel, who made plain this heroism in Covid times, but the heroism remains every day.”

“For our doctors, nurses, volunteers, applause and a great thank you,” pontif added and started clapping and hundreds of people in the square below did, too.